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About OCP

In 2013, Ocala Consulting & Prevention was formed by Jackie Gibson-Jacobowitz, LMHC to bring quality mental health and substance abuse counseling to Ocala. Having worked in a high-end residential facility, Jackie felt that all people, regardless of financial status, should have access to professional and effective therapy.

The practice started with 3 part time clinicians and a strong desire to serve our community with our specialties of trauma therapy, addiction counseling and mental health care. Very quickly, OCP grew and it was evident that we had a mission and purpose to expand our services to meet the demand of our community. Today, OCP has a `staff of over 25 clinicians who specialize in multiple clinical areas.

What’s different about OCP?

OCP is a privately owned practice that operates with inclusion for all people. When you are in our office, you notice a very warm, home-like, setting. We understand that the environment in which we serve people must be safe and inviting for the therapeutic process to begin. Our staff are authentic, talented, humble and purpose driven professionals who are well versed in many therapeutic approaches. We share the philosophy that all people are worthy of nurturing and respect. We are a family and our clients are our priority. Attention is given to each client with awareness of each persons needs.

Ocala Consulting & Prevention stands out in our community due to our philosophy of delivering person-centered, compassionate, informed, and effective mental health and substance abuse counseling.

We look forward to meeting you!

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