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Ocala Consulting & Prevention specializes helping with depression. If you have depression, you will experience a low mood for a long period of time. Unlike the occasional bout of feeling sad, it will affect your daily life and make it hard for you to find enjoyment in day-to-day activities. Some days you may find it impossible to get out of bed, while other days you may feel more able to hide it and carry out normal daily tasks.

How does it feel?

If you have depression, you are likely to have at least five of the following depression symptoms:

You may feel:

  • worthless

  • like life isn’t worth living

  • constantly anxious, tearful and worried

  • like you can’t concentrate

  • indecisive

  • irritable and intolerant of others

  • you are not getting enough enjoyment out of life

  • you have a lack of self-esteem

  • you have excessive and inappropriate guilt

  • you have no motivation or interest in things you used to enjoy

You may experience:

  • changes in sleeping patterns - broken nights or oversleeping

  • changes in eating patterns - loss of appetite or overeating

  • tiredness and a loss of energy

  • persistent headaches and/or stomach upsets

  • chronic pain

  • a slower speaking pattern than usual

  • loss of libido

  • changes to your menstrual cycle

You may also:

  • neglect hobbies and interests

  • isolate yourself from friends and family

  • take part in fewer social activities

  • notice your productivity falling at work

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