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Ocala Consulting & Prevention provide Co-occuring Disorders techniques in treating addictive disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders at the same time is important for several reasons:

  • Integrated recovery plans are designed to overcome the negative side effects of mental health disorders, such as a reduced attention span, a low level of motivation, and a fear of socializing with others.

  • Medication therapy is more effective when your pharmacological plan addresses your mental health disorder as well as your substance abuse disorder.

  • In co-occurring disorders treatment, the traditional hesitations about prescribing psychotherapeutic medications are no longer an issue.

  • Group therapy for people with co-occurring disorders offers a stronger support network for individuals who are struggling with mental illness as well as addiction.

  • Treating addiction and a mental health disorder at the same time helps rehab clients address their unique relapse triggers, such as depression, mood swings or panic attacks.

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