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TCM (Medicaid Program)

Case management includes services that assist eligible individuals to gain access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services. Targeted case management are case management services provided only to Medicaid eligible individuals.

Adult, Senior, and Children


  • Reduce Financial Constraint

  • Budgeting skills

  • DCF involvement

  • Provides Mental Health Linkage

  • Provides Medical Linkage

  • Assist build stable Transportation

  • State funded program Linkage

  • Communicates with other service providers

  • Attend school meetings IEP/504

  • Assist with gaining Employment

  • Life skills

  • Developmental Assistance

  • Environmental Assistance

  • Staffing’s

  • Provides service In- home to reduce constraints (gains better understanding of deficits).

  • Linkage to support groups

  • Assistance with living independently

  • Link to services to achieve recovery.

  • Assessment of functioning and needs

  • Assessment of strengths and support systems

  • Referrals to needed medical, psychiatric, dental vocational/educational, social and benefit services

  • Coordination and ongoing monitoring of services

  • Crisis planning

  • Assistance with finding and keeping housing

  • Access to MHR's health and wellness programming including tobacco reduction,

  • Support to solve everyday life problems

  • Communicate/assistance JPO/PO link clients to community hours and other legal services.

  • Assist with medication management/organization


Many other services within the above listed scope that assist client in building education for independence and reduce risk.

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