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Ocala Consulting & Prevention provide anger management techniques that help you deal with your feelings of rage and resentment. You won’t be anger-free, but you will learn how to control your responses in a positive way. Our counselors help you control anger by providing techniques that enable you to:

  • Identify situations that are likely to set you off and respond in nonaggressive ways before you get mad

  • Learn specific skills to use in situations likely to trigger your anger

  • Recognize when you aren’t thinking logically about a situation, and correct your thinking

  • Calm yourself down when you begin to feel upset

  • Express your feelings and needs assertively (but not aggressively) in situations that make you feel angry

  • Focus on problem solving in frustrating situations — instead of using energy to be angry, you’ll learn how to redirect your energy to resolve the situation

  • Communicate effectively to defuse anger and resolve conflicts

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