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Ocala Consulting & Prevention provides marriage counseling. Throughout life, our personal and family relationships give us both joy and challenges. The more we understand ourselves, our emotions, and behaviors, the better we can communicate, manage stress, and function effectively around the important people in our lives, including our spouse. A marital relationship between two people is one of the most significant relationships a person will have in their lives. Every marriage has its ups and downs, or periods of highs and lows. During the highs, a couple will feel connected, in love, and passionate about one another. During a low period, a couple may be cold, distant, argue frequently, and may even contemplate separating. These stages can be short-term, lasting a few weeks at a time, or can be long-term phases that last years.

Reasons for Needing Marriage Counseling

As marriages move through the various stages and experience life’s challenges together, there are many types of conflict that can occur. Some are minor arguments while others run deeper and can drive a couple apart. The more serious conflicts are troubling as the couple may face the uncertainty that they will find a resolution, or whether they even want to.

As a couple drifts apart, they may realize they want different things in life, one or more of the partners may be unfaithful, or they may feel stuck with no way out of the rut. Before seeking marriage counseling, one or more of the partners must identify that the marriage is in trouble and they must decide together that they want to attempt to repair their broken relationship. There are numerous benefits to marriage and family counseling, from improved communication among family members to resolving deep-rooted emotional hurt.

The decision to seek marriage counseling is an important first step for a couple. When a couple can admit that their marriage is in trouble, they can also realize that they may need outside help from a third-party.

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