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Sheryl Gulick.jpg

Sheryl Gulick

Practice Manager

Sheryl Gulick is OCP's Practice Manager and assists OCP clinicians, administrative staff and community organizations in coordination of care.  Sheryl is an Insurance Billing Specialist and is passionate about delivering effective and timely services for clients.

JORDAN BERNAY, Operations Manager.jpg

Jordan Bernay

Operations & Compliance Manager

Jordan Bernay graduated from St. Thomas University in Miami. Jordan started his career as an elementary school teacher for 5 years before finding his true calling; working with youth and young adults. He has worked with at-risk youth and families for the last 20 plus years. This experience comes through work with the Department of Labor, the Department of Juvenile Justice and Community Based Lead agencies partnering with the Department of Children and Families.  Jordan is a Certified Child Welfare Trainer and specializes in motivational interviewing through empathy and CBT. He also specializes in working with youth and young adults, as well as survivors of Human Trafficking. Jordan specializes in training for identifiers of Human Trafficking, screening of possible survivors, as well as mentoring Human trafficking survivors.

Shaton Tucker.jpg

Sharon Tucker

Administrative Assistant

Sharon Tucker is OCP's Administrative assistant and has passion for all our clients seeking care. Sharon has worked in the mental health field for many years and excels at her unique skill in helping clients be comfortable and safe in the counseling environment.

Sur Ellen.jpg

Sue Ellen Walters


Sue Ellen serves in OCP's Clinical Administration department and brings her warmth and vast knowledge of recovery and healing to OCP. Sue Ellen has been in the healing field for years and has a passion for serving our community.

Carrie Tirado.png

Carrie Tirado


Carrie  joins the OCP Administrative team with a history and passion for serving the Ocala community and its residents. Carrie brings varied skills to the team. Compassion combined with her business background allow delivery of efficient and caring services.

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