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Outpatient Mental & Behavioral Health Counseling Services

Ocala Consulting & Prevention provides a wide range of Outpatient Psychotherapy services to help people of all ages to identify and modify behaviors, learn communication skills, develop positive coping mechanisms, find support structures, and seek healthy outlets for expressing feelings.

The experienced outpatient therapists at Ocala Consulting & Prevention have designed programs for differing needs at various stages of life. Using state-of-the-art therapeutic approaches, we can help  address personal issues, such as Emotional/Mental Health Issues, chemical addiction and abuse, family issues and anger management.

The mission of Ocala Consulting & Prevention is to help adults, adolescents and children maneuver through self discovery to a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counselors can offer advice, support, and a safe space to talk about the problems a person is struggling with. For example, they can help someone:

  • Understand their feelings

  • Identify issues that affect their mental health

  • Discover ways to overcome them

  • Learn new skills and coping strategies

  • Set goals for personal growth

  • Learn more about mental health conditions

Counseling typically focuses on addressing the main symptoms or problems a person or group finds distressing. By doing this, counselors can help people overcome challenges, obstacles, or events that have affected their mental well-being. Mental health counselors can teach a person healthy coping strategies or self-help techniques, or they can simply give people a space to work out solutions for themselves.

If appropriate, a counselor may also refer their client to other services that may help, such as a doctor, dietitian, or support group. It is not necessary to experience severe symptoms to see a counselor. Many people attend counseling because they feel a benefit from talking about their concerns with a compassionate and nonjudgmental professional.


First Rescue Alliance

OCP is proud to partner with The Marion County Hospital District (MCHD)  to improve the mental health of Marion County first responders.  The First Rescue Alliance offers specialized and comprehensive psychological support designed for those who protect us with 24/7 availability and evidence-based approaches.

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